Our Promise

The Nature’s Food Promise

When you are buying for your family we understand trust is important.  It is our hope to be your trusted source of food and eating information.  

1. Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our product we will return your money and pick up the remaining product at our cost.

2. Trusted Partner

We want to be your partner in providing your family healthy meals.  As a partnership we hope to work together, not against. Please let us know if there’s something you want improved or changed and we will work to meet your satisfaction.

3. Highest Quality Products.

You will find our products to be high quality both in taste and health.  We don’t use fillers, short cuts or substitutes.  We go to great lengths to find the best breeds, best feed, and best husbandry practices leading to your best experience.

4. No Chemicals

Very simply we only use nature to produce your food.  The animals feed on a multispecies grass pasture free of herbicide, pesticide, or any other kind of -cide,  The only fertilizer used in the kind coming out of the animals back-end.  Vaccines, antibiotics, and hormones are never used.

5. No GMO

Won’t be found in any of our pastures of feed rations.  The two most grown gmo crops, Corn and Soy, are not used anywhere on the farm.

6. Regenerative Farming Practices

We have learned that, when managed correctly, domestic animals can be used to heal both humans and the earth.  We manage both plants and animals to provide you with the best health possible and to regenerate soil.

7. Humane Treatment

Happy, relaxed animals make the best quality meat.  Raising them this way also helps us sleep better at night.  99% of the animal’s days are spent in their natural environment with sunshine and clean air.  

In exchange we ask just one thing from you:

An Honest Review

Please tell us about your experience.  Communication from you is the only way we can adapt and improve.